Sunshine (Mango) Oaty Bites just out of the oven


1 banana 

About 50ml mango pulp (because that’s how much we had left!)

Roughly two large handfuls of oats (plus a little more if the texture is too sticky after combining). 

Mash all of the ingredients together. 

Shape and place on non stick baking sheet. 

Bake in the oven at 180’C fan for 10-20 minutes. Then length of time friends on the thickness of your shapes and the texture you’re aiming for. I made them softer (shorter bake) when the girls were younger as they’re easier to bite. 

Store in the fridge fir a couple of days or in the freezer if you’ve made a big batch and want them to last longer. 
I split all of the ingredients into two bowl so that the girls could feel like they were making their own batches. 
They loved it and not only is that a good lot of baby/child/family/health conscious (no added sugar, low fat & low salt) snacks ready but also a great sensory play session with the squishy banana, dry oats and sloppy mango pulp Bro g combined together and shaped by little hands. 
The great thing with these snacks is that you can use the basic recipe with so many different combinations of fruit and veg. You always need one sqishy / sticky one to help with the binding eg mashed banana, peach, mango or stewed apple. Or use yoghurt to achieve this. Then add another fruit or veg for interest if flavour and to add colour like finely grated carrot or chopped up cherries or raspberries. Adding a touch of cinnamon or mixed spice works well too. 
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