Satay stirfry in action


I love the vibrant colours that you get with a stirfry. It’s a great way to get well on your way to eating a rainbow 🌈.

Eating a good variety of fruit and veg is a great way to get a range of vitamins and minerals in as well as the all important fibre. Although it’s a little simplistic ‘eating a rainbow’ is a great way to get a wide range of vitamins and minerals in. For example orange foods tend to be rich sources of beta-carotene (Vitamin A precursor).
Today’s is shredded spring greens, sliced red pepper, chopped mushrooms, grated carrot and sliced spring onions with homemade satay sauce and served on udon noodles. I love adding whizzed up peanuts to serve.
By making your own sauces is gives you control over the salt and sugar content. If you have any premade sauces in the cupboard have a quick glance at the salt and sugar content. It can be surprising how much they can contain.
The Department of Health recommend that children under 5 avoid while nuts until the age of 5 years old due to the choking risk. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid nuts altogether. Blitzing them and adding to meals or using nut butters are some great ways to give them to the whole family. With really little ones be careful with big claggy lumps as these can also be tricky for them to swallow.
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