Our first new potatoes! 

Paired with some local asparagus and a slice of spinach, ham and mushroom pie.
This pie is absolutely loaded with veggies (a whole punnet of mushrooms and 6 frozen nuggets of spinach).
I make the white sauce using 2 teaspoons vegetable oil warmed and 2 tbsp plain flour well mixed in. Then thinned down with milk. I often add in a tsp of mustard powder or lots of herbs.
To reduce the energy content of a pie but to still have a good crunch use several layer of filo pastry.
Did you know that new potatoes have a lower glycaemic index (GI) than old potatoes? This means their energy is more slowly released into the blood stream.
I didn’t actually plant these potatoes. I must have missed a couple from last years harvest and they’ve given us this yummy treat.
The girls are really enjoying helping me in the garden and they loved helping me harvest these potatoes. Although they’re only 19 months old they seem to already understand when that what we get from the garden we eat for tea!
If you’re baby is only small I’d leave off the pastry and cut up the asparagus as it’s quite tricky to chew.
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