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Double party day so a lot to pack for including two picnics. I love variety in a day but the fridge is getting low and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be able to pull together without cooking facilities when out and about. 

Then it came to me, steam some veggies that we would have had for tea at home (mushrooms, peppers and courgette) and serve with mini quiche, mini sweet potato pie (made with the croquette mix from an earlier blog) and a few pin wheel humous wraps all pre-made in the freezer for tea. Followed by some plain Greek yoghurt. 

(Cow girl at the second party of the day – feeling lucky 😍)

As the girls are now about to turn 10 months I thought it’d be useful to go through a full days intake for interest. 

For breakfast they had ground porridge with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and some stewed blackberries and apple and a small cup of milk. 

A few raspberries and blueberries (quartered) for snack. 

For lunch we had peanut butter sandwich soldiers, chopped cherry tomatoes (at least quartered) and think strips of Edam cheese. 

Then some oaty bite fingers and a low salt rice cake each mid afternoon. 

Tea as above. 

Lots of water throughout the day. 

Two breastfeeds (before breakfast and before bed) plus 100ml of formula. 

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