Mini me deconstructed pitta. 


This is a lunch from a few weeks ago (late blog!). It was the first time the girls have had pitta bread (just turned 10 months). I think they could have coped with it for a while now we’ve just not had it!

They had a mini me lunch. I had egg, cottage cheese (both of which are great lean forces of protein) and salad stuffed into a pitta alongside the last slice of ham and mega veg quiche. Including a rich source of protein in your meal helps increase satiety (keeps you feeling fuller for longer) as well as being important for growth (in children and young people) and cell regeneration.

The girls had 2 cherry tomatoes (each cut into 8), 1/2 boiled egg chopped up, 1/4 pitta ripped into small hand friendly fingers, a spoonful of peas (left from tea last night), a thin slice of quiche and a dollop of cottage cheese.

They ate the cottage cheese from the spoon and the rest by hand. They do really well at self feeding now, but still enjoy eating off cutlery too. Having a combined approach means that we are truly able to enjoy family foods.

Who ate what? W ate all of hers with just the odd pea falling to the floor. B was tired after only a short nap this morning. She loved eating her cottage cheese from the spoon and ate all of her pitta, less than half of the rest. B is usually a big fan of egg, peas and tomatoes but when she’s tired she’s less keen on picking bits up! I’m not worried about her intake as she ate really well at breakfast (porridge with yoghurt, apple and blackberries) and at snack (1/2 nectarine & 1/4 low salt rice cake).

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