Maria’s Spanakorizo

A few days away have meant having some lovely food cooked for us this week. More importantly though it’s been a chance to catch up with friends and explore new ideas. More on this at some point. 

Spanakorizo (Greek ‘Spinach rice’)


I diced onion

3 spring onions

Chopped dill (1 handful)

3 cloves garlic

1 kg frozen spinach

1 cup arborio rice

To serve:

Crusty bread

Feta, crumbled

Optional: Kefalograviera, rinse and finely coat with flour

Fry off onion, spring onion & dill. 

Add the garlic. 

Add the frozen spinach as soon as you smell the garlic (a couple of minutes) 

Once the spinach has fallen apart add the rice. 

Cook for a few minutes stirring regularly. 

Add water a small cup at a time still stirring regularly until the rice is cooked. 

Add a little more dill to allow the flavour to come through. 

Optional extra:

Add a squeeze of lemon of lemon

Crumble on the feta and serve with crusty bread and a slice of grilled or fried cheese (as shown). 
This is Greek food cooked by Greek friend Maria. It doesn’t get much more authentic without a flight! It’s a dish she grew up with being either loved or hated by her family! We love trying new things and I think we had one love and one less keen here too! The girls had the feta but not the fried cheese and they had the less crusty bits of the bread 😍

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