Peacock themed early birthday tea party 

With only a couple of weeks until our gorgeous girls turn 1 we had an peacock themed early birthday tea party today ‘Up country’ (when you’re Cornish this defines anywhere north of the Tamar River 😋). 

Platter 1:

1/2 a pear cut into slices for the body

Quartered grapes and blueberries for the tail 

Blueberry bits for the beak and eyes

Platter 2:

Cucumber for the body 

Slices of mozzarella topped with slices of tomatoes and 1/2 a small black olive each and a leaf of basil for the tail feathers

Platter 3:

Avocado for the body with olive legs, beak and eyes

Slices of steamed courgette topped with cottage cheese and quarter of a cherry tomato each for the tail feathers. 

Platter 4:

Sliced pear for the body

Slices of kiwi fruit topped with half of a quartered blueberry and a slice of strawberry each for the tail feathers. 

All served with some sweet potato wedges (par boiled then baked in the oven with a little olive oil and a sprinkle of Italian herbs) and pitta bread fingers. 

These were enjoyed by all ages. In fact I liked the savoury combinations so much that I will make them again as canapés or snacks 😍

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