Lunch for the beach



Cherry tomatoes cut into 8 (need to be at least quartered to reduce choking risk)

1/3 avocado chopped into bite sized pieces

Sliced pork

Apple & Pear (stewed without added sugar). This is from a frozen batch that I did in the Autumn but there’s no reason not to use apples and some tinned pears if making now. I like making big batches of things and freezing down so that I can just pull out of the freezer when I need it.

Mini pin wheel wraps. These are made with humous and red pepper humous and are very popular with the girls 😍

Enjoy whatever you’re doing in this beautiful sunshine. I’m taking the girls to the beach on my own for the first time. Hope the sun tent goes up ok. Factor 50 on! 💖🏝☀️