Sweet potato & aduki bean hash with mackerel & fresh peas


Potato, diced

Sweet potato, diced

Aduki beans (I used tinned)

Onion, diced (I often use frozen)

Garlic, finely diced (frozen here too)

Coriander, chopped (frozen too! Although I do have some nearly ready in the greenhouse for next time 🌱)

Fillet of mackerel 

Oil for frying

Peas (I’ve used fresh as they’re the first of the season from my veg bed but these can be / usually are frozen)


Boil the potato & sweet potato together. I used 3:2 potato to sweet potato. 

Fry the onion, once softened add the garlic. Add the cooked potatoes, beans and coriander. 

In another pan fry the mackerel filet until cooked. 

At the same time boil or steam the peas. 

Thank you to my sister Jen for providing the inspiration for this meal. This went down really well. I actually made the hash yesterday (so today was ‘leftovers’!) and served it with an avocado dip made from an avocado, a squeeze of lime, a dollop of cream cheese (yoghurt works well too) & some chopped coriander all whizzed together and topped with a poached egg. Very yummy!

My big time saver tips here are to firstly make big batches of things and freeze in portions. Secondly use frozen fruit and vegetables especially when what you want  is out of season. Freezing locks in the nutrients. Frozen chopped veg is usually made from the shapes and sizes that didn’t make the grade for the supermarket shelf (something that drives me crazy!) and works out cheaper especially as you have no waste. Win win!

2 comments: On Sweet potato & aduki bean hash with mackerel & fresh peas

  • Love the look of this one! – tried a mackerel puree today but Sam turned his nose up at it. I will try this one….

    • Hi Sarah, I hope trying the flaked fish has gone better than the puréed fish. My girls both enjoy the texture of fish. We have different fish twice a week as I’m keen to ensure they get adequate long-chain omega 3 fats. I will try and put some more ideas for fish on soon.

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