Lunch doesn’t need to be complicated to be balanced (inc portion info)

Here we have elemental cheese cut into little fingers, 1/3 wrap folded in half, with a thin spread of peanut butter and cut into wedges, a couple of cherry tomatoes quartered and some black grapes quartered. 
I quarter the grapes and cherry tomatoes to reduce the choking risk. It’s also a good idea to spread peanut butter thinly as in big dollops it can be very claggy which makes it much more difficult to swallow too. 

Elemental is a lower salt cheese compared with something like cheddar and the girls love it. 

This meal provides them (16 months old) with two portions of fruit and veg (tomatoes and grapes), a portion of milk protein (cheese), a portion of non milk protein (peanut butter) and a portion of starchy carbohydrates (wrap). You don’t need to have all four good groups at every meal either. 

I usually try to have at least two portions of fruit and veg at both lunch and dinner and we always have a portion of fruit (& sometimes veg if carrot cake porridge) at breakfast too. Oh and a morning rarely goes by without half a banana!

By offering a good variety throughout the day means that there’s more opportunity for them to achieve their 5-a-day for fruit and veg. 

I try and ensure at least half of its veg including pulses and use sour fruits for some options e.g. Black and red currants in our porridge. 

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