DeChox for March?


Have you managed to stick to your New Years resolution? Most resolutions are out of the window by March. 

I love this campaign by the British Heart Foundation encouraging people to give up chocolate for March. 

Could you do a family challenge and reward yourself by doing a family activity at the weekend to acknowledge how well you’re doing?

Supporting each other to make a change means that you’re much more likely to achieve it. 

This reminds me that it doesn’t need to be the new year to make a healthy change and it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure if your New Years resolutions don’t work out. 

When we make changes and lapsing or relapsing is part of the learning experience- don’t give up. Think about why it didn’t work and change it if you need to do that it’s something that is more manageable. 

Going on do it, DeChox 😀 yourself!
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