Encouraging sour and bitter tastes linked to improved taste preferences longer term

Keeping sour preferences. 

When we started our introducing solids journey I was very conscious that I regularly gave sour and bitter tastes and avoided sweetening things even with naturally sweet fruit and veg. This is because evidence suggests that promoting these tastes at the beginning helps with taste preferences on the long term. 

They did pull a face when I gave sour tastes but who doesn’t?! It doesn’t mean they don’t like them it’s just a natural reaction. Your own expression at these times is so important as a reassuring smile from you will make all of the difference. 

Something that I’ve been mindful of since those early days is continuing to give regular exposure to bitter and sour things. 

Having things like this frozen berry mix with tart red and blackcurrants in and a dollop of natural (unflavoured) yoghurt on our porridge does the trick! 

I eat the same thing as the girls at breakfast and feel the positive role modelling really helps. It also helps with my own taste preferences as it’s easy to get into the habit of sweetening things. 

I, like many people, find that when I’m eating sweet things I crave more of them. This is a change I made to not only encourage the girls but to also shed some of the baby weight. 

What habits have you managed to introduce that you’re keen to hang onto? 

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