Balancing the festivities

At this time of plenty it’s good to try and have a healthy lunch / meal when you’ve got the chance. 

This is my packed lunch from Thursday:

Flatbread with humous, ham & watercress, cherry tomatoes, a raw carrot, a chunk of cucumber, natural yoghurt and (when I left home!) cherries, with a bottle of water to wash it down. 

Simple, healthy and must importantly tasty. This lunch provided 4 portions of fruit and veg, a portion of milk protein, a portion of non-milk protein and a portion of starchy carbohydrates. 

Top tip: put frozen fruit in a tight sealing pot with some natural yoghurt. As the fruit thaws the juices release and make the yoghurt a pretty colour. The fruit helps to keep the yoghurt nice and cool for lunch (unless you’re in a very hot environment!). 

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