A berry good start to the day


Nothing says good morning like my favourite berries. I love you raspberries! Today I’ve used frozen berries as I’m using up what’s in the freezer before I pick this year. Yes that’s my second food love this morning – frozen berries! 🍒🍓🍇 (no raspberry emoji!)


Mummy porridge:

75g porridge oats (not big flakes unless you soak them in the milk in the fridge overnight)

250ml milk

A handful of frozen raspberries 

Served with a large peppermint tea. 

Baby porridge number 1:

15g ground porridge oats (I used Ready Brek)

75ml milk

5 raspberries 

A small dollop of whole Greek yoghurt

Served with a small Doidy cup of milk (60ml)

Baby porridge number 2:

5g ground porridge oats (I used Ready Brek)

25ml milk

5 raspberries 

A pinch of porridge oats 

A large dollop of whole Greek yoghurt

Served with a small Doidy cup of milk (60ml)

Method to make all 3 as efficiently as possible:  

Put the kettle on!

Heat 100ml whole milk in the microwave for 50-60 seconds. 

Defrost the raspberries in the microwave for 2 minutes. 

Mix in 20g Ready Brek into the warmed milk. 

Poor out the babies drinking milk. 

Put the mummy porridge together by adding the milk to the oats in a microwaveable bowl. Then microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds. 

Split the Ready Brek into two bowls (25:75 ratio) add the whole oats & yoghurt to both baby porridges.  

Split the raspberries into the three bowls. You can stir the raspberries in so that you make a pink porridge. Bella likes different tastes and textures during a meal so I kept hers separate, combining only for each spoonful.

Poor out the boiled water into a large mug with a peppermint tea bag. 

Leave mummy porridge to stand whilst you bring everyone to the table. 

Before serving baby porridges ensure that everything has cooled sufficiently. 


If you’re less hungry and / or thirsty than me you can adjust your porridge & tea quantities. I’m still breastfeeding my two 8 month old so need to get the food & fluids in! 

Both girls like to help hold their doidy cups and sometimes their spoons. If it’s plain water (as at all snacks and other meals) and we’re not in a hurry (!) then I’m more inclined to let them have a go themselves. In fact they use them by themselves now in the bath as they can’t get any wetter in there!

Our breakfast ideas always have several different tastes and textures in it, this keeps the girls interested in the meal or snack. Bella especially likes sour tastes like plain yoghurt. I think the ‘tiny tastes’ on the end of our fingers that we did before introducing solids has really influenced her palate.