Quick snack out walking


Quick snack on the Trelissick Woodland Walk. Orange segments, banana chunks & rice cake. Although I often just take the banana in its skin we had half a banana left from another snack. 

Top tip: The vitamin C in the orange stops the banana going black 🍌🍊

My girls struggle with the segment skins so I remove them & they love the tart taste, screwing their faces up and then smiling! The power of a reassuring mummy smile when giving food 😀 

Then a breastfeed each before we headed on – what a view to feed to 😀☀️💖

It was a gorgeous walk with the dappled sun shining through the leaves as we looked out over the river and then we found this perfect snack stop ☀️ #snacktime #twins #yummy #riverwalk #babyfood #breastfeed