Yummy lasagna 


This is one of my all time favourite meals. Today I’ve used the veg packed bolognaise from the weekend. The only problem was I left the extra portion in sight and so we went back for seconds. I usually try and put it out of temptations way!

As the bolognaise is quite chunky I did a layer of this then pasta sheets, a layer of cottage cheese, a layer of pasta, a second layer of bolognaise, pasta and then a little white sauce (oil, flour and milk) and a sprinkling of grated cheese. Served with some streamed kale.

To serve for the girls I chopped the lasagne into strips and cut the kale very finely.

This was a spoon and fingers meal. At the moment B offers me the spoon to get help with scooping food and eats most of this type of food with the spoon. W is having a more independent week and wants to do it all herself for the first half of the meal and will then eat some off my fork. #twinlife 😂

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