Why bother to take the stairs?


You’re probably aware of the activity target of 180 minutes of exercise per week for adults. 

But did you know that sedentary behaviour is a health risk factor in its own right?

Increasing the activity level of ‘daily living’ is a great way to reduce sedentary time and sometimes this is strenuous to even count towards your activity target. Win win. 

One way to do this is to take the stairs, get off the bus / tram / tube a stop earlier or park a little further away from your destination. Could you park at the far end of the car park at work or the supermarket or at the playground near to school and walk back to the car? 

It’s been a busy week but yesterday I managed to take the stairs a lot! This earns me my lighthouse badge 😂 TBH I was at 41 floors and knew that the next target was 50 so I went up and down the stairs ‘for fun’ in the evening!!! 

Every time that you take the stairs (up and down) it’s estimated to use 4.26 calories which doesn’t sound like much but that totalled an impressive 213kcal for me yesterday. That can be really significant if you’re trying to manage your weight (which lets face it most of us are). It equates to about 2lb of fat over a month. So if you’re otherwise in bakance that’s 2lb weight loss per month. 
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