Use what you’ve got (Spanish Beans)

Spanish beans again but this time we’ve added in 1/2 roasted squash, chopped bell peppers (from the freezer) and used borlotti and black eye beans. You might think why post this only a week after the original..? But I wanted to show how using what you’ve got rather than worrying too much about an exact recipe can give great results.

I’ve never been great at cooking rice but just recently it seems to be working out better. I boil it for the time suggested in the packet (until cooked but slightly firm to bite) and then drain, pop the lid back on and allow it to steam in its own heat – it makes much fluffier rice 😀

#spanishbeans #beans #usewhatyouvegot #familyfood #familymeal #fluffyrice #5aday #babyfriendly (chop the chorizo very finely if your little one is young) #weaning #babyfood #toddlerfood #kidsfood #doubleyummy #dietitian

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