The psychology of food…


Love is in the air! What role does food play in your life? What do you use food for? 
We enjoyed this heart shaped pasta for tea tonight as it’s Valentine’s Day 💖 
Today I had a excellent clinical supervision session with a brilliant psychologist. We were looking at how to talk to families about the role that food plays in their lives and how to help them to address this. 
It reminded me just how complex eating behaviours are. We don’t eat to simply meet our physiological requirements. 
Food can play a significant role in how we show and how we deal with our emotions. It can also be viewed as part of what we do or part of how our family functions or our office culture. 
For example do you have a food routine that you may or may not realise you have? Maybe a ‘treat day’ for chocolate, cake Friday in the office, icecream at the weekend, fish and chips on Fridays, a Chinese on a Saturday, McDonald’s on Mondays, pasties on Wednesday etc etc? 
As well as these routine based food associations we use food to celebrate, to console, to reward and to show our love. Do you give chocolates to say thank your maybe take in a cake to boost the mood in your team st work?
For all these occasions it tends to be energy dense high fat and / or high sugar foods. 
But there are other ways to deal with / show these emotions – what do you do to show someone that you care (etc) without using food? 
Finding these and role modelling healthier behaviours to our children and to those around us can be very powerful. As can challenging our less healthy routine based family food habits. 
So I challenge you to find one of these in your life and to find another way. 
Let me know how you get on 😀
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