Simple tuna pasta 

A quick one tonight (less than 10 minutes from turning the kettle on to going into their mouths) as we’ve had a very busy day!


Mini shell pasta

Tinned tuna

Frozen peas and sweetcorn 

Subdried tomato pesto


Boil the kettle & whilst it’s boiling open a tin of tuna. 

Put the pasta and boiling water into a pan. 

After 2 minutes add the peas and sweetcorn. Bring back up to the boil & cook for another 3 minutes. 

Rinse the tuna. 

Stir a little pesto into the drained pasta. I did half with pesto as I’ve not given it to the girls before so didn’t want it all covered! All that’s left to do is to arrange it on the plate! You can mix it all together but I left a little more deprecate and combined on the spoon so that each mouthful was different. Will probably stir it all together next time!

We gave plain yoghurt with some stewed fruit (no added sugar) afterwards. 

Giving a balanced meal doesn’t need to be difficult or take loads of time. Here you have something from each food group. Pasta as the starchy carbs, tuna as the non-milk protein, yoghurt as the milk protein and peas, sweetcorn and stewed fruit for the fruit and veg group. The pesto is made with olive oil providing a little ‘healthy fat’ too. 

Do you have quick meals that you’d be happy to share? If so please let me know 😀

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