Simple fish, wedges and veggies joined by some fussy / faddy eater tips

Balanced doesn’t need to be fancy!

1/2 a ‘Lightly dusted’ (no recipe as I bought it like this though I’m sure it’d be pretty easy to do!) fish, oven baked potato and sweet potato wedges (chopped potatoes with a spray of oil) and steamed veg (peas from the freezer, sweet corn from a tin and a couple of sliced carrots).

Only the sweet potato wedges & carrots left by one and a couple of wedges by the other. As the girls are now two and a half we have lots of comments about what I’d liked or not on a particular day, it fluxes loads and tends to be for the bits I’m not too worried about them leaving like the sweet potato (never imagined they’d jut want that!).

We try to praise nice eating and trying things through general positive discussions and also talk about things that aren’t the food.

It’s easy to get drawn into a you must eat this battle or find that all the mealtime talk is about the food neither of which are particularly helpful when helping your toddler(s) through the neophobia period. Yes that’s right like with pretty much everything else they do this fussy / faddy eating (call it what you like) stage is just a developmental stage for the majority.

The important things to remember are that it is just a stage, continue to give a wide variety of exposure, remove pressure to eat certain things with other food as a reward (this makes the former less attractive and the ‘reward food’ much more attractive), keep on fringe a positive role model and try to relax and make mealtimes and enjoyable sociable time.

My little helpers loved choosing which tin of sweet corn we were going to have and pouring the peas into the steamer. #gettheminvolved

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