Sensory and developmental play for playgroup friends

Here we are all set up for play group to visit today. The summer holidays have put a spanner in the works for our weekly plans so we decided to host playgroup at Cornish Camels today!

Lots of sensory and developmental play opportunities which include:

  • Sensory basket – including brushes, soft things, rubbery things (eg silicon cupcake cases) and cups. My girls love exploring a box or basket and discovering new textures and things to play with. 
  • Coloured scarfs – great for peepo. We keep them in an old, well washed fabric whitener tub and the children love pulling them out. B loves putting the scarfs over her head and peeking out 😀
  • ‘Pull box’ with lots of different textured ropes and fabric strung through it. 
  • Soft toy animals – we love tea parties and picnics and these often come 🐮🐻🐶🐷🐸🐰
  • Play foam. We used Peppa Pig Foam which is made of soap but I think there are lots of different brands out there. Great for messy play and mark making. 
  • Blocks for construction
  • Dolly & clothes for role playing
  • Road mat with cars and tractors 
  • Stencil rubbings for the older children (a proper blast from the past for me 😋)
  • And mini trampoline!

Outside in the play area there’s lots of different bits, but a particularly big hit us the new mud kitchen🍴

Before songs and Freddie the Fairy storytime we had a lovely walk around the farm seeing the camels, peacocks, geese, chickens and pheasants. 

I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did. Looking forward to seeing our other playgroup friends on Monday 😍

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