Sardines & calcium


What are we eating for lunch today? (food groups in brackets): Sardines (non-milk protein) in tomato sauce & cream cheese (milk protein) blitzed together to make a tasty paste and spread on soldiers of toast (starchy carbs). Mandarins segments halved and chopped cucumber (fruit and veg).

This lunch has given us a great mix of nutrients, was easy to prepare and great finger food for our ever increasingly independent eaters! To make milk free just leave out the cream cheese. The sardines will make a great paste with or without it.
Did you know that not only are sardines a great non-milk protein and healthy omega-3 fats, but they’re an excellent source of calcium too.
Calcium is really important during childhood as it is an essential mineral for building bones as well as lots of day to day cell function. The bones that we have made during childhood need to last us a lifetime. After hitting our early-mid twenties it’s all about preserving what we’ve got as we don’t make any more after that!
Extra high demand periods are as a baby and from the age of about 11 years and through the teens (girls 800mg and boys 1000mg). To find out more about calcium requirement for different age groups and good sources of calcium see the BDA food facts sheet (link on blog).

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