Salmon sandwiches with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, watermelon & grapes


Lunch today went with a crunch!

Mummy lunch: 2 slices granary bread (toasted as straight from the freezer!) with salmon spread (no butter) & cucumber slices, slices of water melon, some of the most delicious cherry tomatoes, and the outside of the cucumber in sticks. 

Both girls had the same as each other, but I chopped the green bits off Wynnies watermelon (after the photo) as she’s tending to stuff the last but in and then doesn’t know what to do! 2 quartered grapes, 2 cherry tomatoes each cut into 8 and cucumber. The cucumber was cut into sticks (the middle but) and then I diced some of the outer section as when it’s in the stick form they have been struggling with it. This dicing worked well. 

For their sandwich they had half a slice of bread each with salmon paste (if you have them just mash or blitz up some cooked salmon fillet as then no added salt) cut into little fingers. Again the bread was toasted. They really like toast!

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