Quick food but not ready meals


We all know that cooking from scratch gives us control over what goes in, especially salt, sugar and fat, but sometimes time is lacking. I ‘fall back’ on a stir fry roughly weekly. They’re so tasty and a great way of getting loads of veggies in and either using up leftovers or frozen veggies. 

Today’s was particularly easy as I used a bag of frozen oriental stir fry veg and added some left over cabbage, prawns & some extra frozen veggies including green beans, chopped garlic and chopped ginger. 

I love using sesame oil for flavour and sometimes make a satay sauce. Hubby and I added some chilli sauce when serving. 

If you want to use a sauce choose a small pouch rather than a jar to help control the amount of salt and sugar you add. 

I love these stir fry veg mixes as it’s such a great value way of getting a great variety of veggies. This one had water chestnuts and bamboo shoots which the girls (& we) loved crunching them. 

I chopped the prawns up for B but W managed to chew them by herself. 

Portion control: This meal worked out as about two portions of starchy carbs, one protein & three veg. For more information about toddler portion sizes I like the BNFs 5532 guide at www.nutrition.org.uk. 

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