Pumpkin and tuna pasta


This is a mega quick dish and a great week night family tea.  The pumpkin makes a lovely creamy sauce which is good for fussy eaters and little ones eating with their fingers alike. This meal gets in a fish portion is economical to make and uses up the abundant pumpkins 🎃 

This recipe serves two adults and two babies/ toddlers (yes they’re starting to walk!!!). 


1 can tuna

1/2 can kidney beans

1 small pumpkin, roasted

1/2 small tub creme fraiche (or natural yoghurt if you’re watching the calories)

A small handful of chopped fresh herbs (I used basil) or a couple of tsp of dried. 

3 large handfuls of dry pasta (we used wholemeal fruseli) 

A little grated cheese to top

Chilli flakes (optional)

Put the pasta on the boil as per the packet instructions (unsalted water). 

Mash half of the pumpkin flesh and dice the rest. 

Mix all but the cheese and pasta together in a nonstick pan to warm through. 

Once the pasta is cooked, drain it and add to the mix. 

Serve and tip with a sprinkle of grated cheese and the chilli flakes (only the cheese for the girls!) 

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