Nuts about nuts? 

The good news is that a new study indicates that this is great for your health. 

The research team that looked lots  of (29) studies which reported results about nut consumption and health showed a positive association between consuming 20g nuts (a handful) of nuts per day and better health outcomes. 

The results showed a 22% decreased risk of premature death, 30% decrease in the risk of Coronary Heart Disease and a 15% reduction in cancer risk! 

The researchers are based at Imperial College London and the Norwegian University of Science with their findings being published in the BMC Medicine journal. The studies that they look at included about 819,000 participants so this gives good weight to it’s findings. 

The findings were similar for all types of nuts whether they were tree nuts such as hazelnuts, or peanuts. 

Be careful when having while nuts when with young children as they pose a choking risk and it’s for this reason the whole nuts are not recommended for children under 5 years. 

They are however a great snack for having at work away from little hands! Here you can see I’ve finished the yummy pistachios that were once housed in these shells. I really like pistachios because they make me a more mindful eater. When you’re busy it’s easy to wolf down your food and hardly recognise that you’ve had it. You can’t do that with pistachios!

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