How’s your rainbow today?

What does your rainbow look like today? 

Ours actually had some raisins in too and some other bits in the cottage pie (used up the other half of last weeks bolognaise topped with potato). 

Eating a rainbow is a great way of helping you and your little ones get enough fibre and a great range of vitamins and minerals. 

Although it’s too simplistic to say just eating something from each colour gets in all of your micronutrients, it does get you a long way towards it! 

A portion is about the size of your / your little one’s cupped handful – isn’t nature great 😀 it does need to be a full portion of everything, the aim is just to add up to 5 a day. Try to have at least half and yummy veggies 😍

How did we get this in?

Carrot cake porridge (carrot and raisins) for breakfast, banana mid morning, cucumber and steamed carrot sticks with blueberries for lunch, berries and bananas in oaty bites for afternoon snack and finally the rest of it in our cottage pie (with other bits) served with broccoli. The girls didn’t eat all of everything served but exposure is important even if only a small amount goes in. 

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