Life’s shortcuts

My tangle teaser…

Thanks to @babytoddlerfoods inspiring me to share my #lifeshortcuts. It’s always good to remember that social media can be inspiring but should not be thought of as a representation of someone’s life! 

I was talking to a friend at the weekend and she commented on how she was amazed that I managed to keep my blog going with my baby twins to look after. I told her what I’m going to tell you (please don’t judge me!)… 

We all have our short cuts in life. Since becoming a mummy I’ve got a lot more. My tangle teaser is my hair brush as I brush my hair no more than once a week! I call it the beach look 😋🏖💖. 

Last time I had my hair cut I had to brush out a small dreadlock from the back of my hair (the girls enjoy pulling and twisting my hair there!) before she could cut it..! 

More useful shortcuts that I take in the kitchen include regularly using diced / chopped frozen onion, peppers, spinach, garlic and ‘fresh herbs’. Not only do these save me loads of time but they’re also typically save me money and are often more nutritious as by freezing shortly after picking frozen vegetable (and fruit) retain their high level of vitamins and minerals. 

Another way to achieve this is to buy local. This is another of my shortcuts. Rather than going to the supermarket I often by my veg from the farm or garden stalls in the local area. So fresh and cheaper and best of all supporting our local economy. 

You can probably also tell from the photo another of my short cuts… Yep I don’t iron very much 😋 

What are your life shortcuts?
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