Keeping motivated – you and your children

Incorporating activity, helping you and your children to monitor progress and staying motivated are the topics for today. 
Are there any little tricks that you do to incorporate activity into your day? 
My new ones are squatting whilst doing my teeth (we’ll see how long I’m motivated to keep that one up when tired in the evening 😂) and going to the toilets on a different floor. 
Doing lots of simple things like this can add up to make a big difference to your health and fitness. 
Together my ‘stairs taking opportunities’ have added up to 1000 floors in the last 3 months! 
I love my fitness tracker. It’s really made me so much more conscious of my activity and fitness (through the heart rate monitor) levels. 
I also thrive from seeing progress and rewards / praise (well don’t must if us?!) and this is one of the reasons that it’s so important to monitor your (& your children’s) progress and give recognition for achievements. It can be simple things like getting or making a badge (like my activity tracker does for me!) or a reward chart with things to colour in or stickers. 
Trying to keep motivated with your goals can be difficult so why not try a group monitoring and reward system whether this is at home with your family or friends or at work. 
The act of working together is lots more powerful than doing it simply for yourself. You can all have your own individual goals but sharing progress and working together towards a reward can be such a strong motivator. We’re much less likely to give up with this sort of positive peer pressure. Children also respond positively to seeing their parents working on goals at the same time as them. 
Get them to give you the sticker for the reward chart when you achieve your aim. You might be surprised at just how much they enjoy giving praise in this way. 
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