Exposure is key when it comes to veg. 


With this lunch I’ve indicated the food group and whether it’s a love it, like it or learning it food):
Cream cheese (milk protein) – like 

on chunks of bread (complex carbohydrates) – like

Broccoli (veg) and blue cheese (milk protein) quiche (egg) – learning 

Apple slices (fruit) – love 

Avocado slices (veg though technically fruit 😋) – like

Cherry tomatoes quartered (veg although also technically fruit 😂) – love
It is recommended that we all eat a verity of fruit and veg to ensure that we get in a good mix of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. One of the biggest eat health benefits is from the fibre in this food group and thus relies on quantity eaten. 
It’s recommended that ideally at least half of your intake from this food group is from vegetables, however if your little one is in a picky stage (nearly all children go through and grow through this!) don’t stress if they’re choosing the fruit over the veg. During this stage keep offering the veg as exposure is key to reintroduction, but try not to put pressure on and definitely avoid force feeding is or your child will grow up with negative associations with this food and may never touch it again.  
If you’re just starting out on the solids journey try not to always mix a sweeter veg in with the more savoury ones and continue with them regularly particularly if they’re more sour and bitter tastes. Exposure is key so even if they don’t seem to take to them right away (if they pull a funny face that’s normal and not necessarily an expression of dislike) keep offering regularly. 
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