Julienned carrot & cucumber with lunch

Cucumber sticks are still a difficult texture for my girls (9 months old) to cope with and so I wanted to try something different. We don’t have a spiraliser but we do have a julienne peeler (!) so I decided to experiment with that. It worked really well 😍 I also julienned 1/2 a carrot which I popped on a mug with a little water & covered before microwaving for 2 minutes to stream it. This texture seemed to work wells for they loved how the strips wiggled in their hands. We broke the longer ones up a little so that they were easier to manage. 

In another snack pot I quartered some small cherry tomatoes (from the greenhouse so yellow and red), chunked up a little avocado and quarter some grapes (always quarter to reduce choking risk). 

We were out for lunch and so they had some of our meals to accompany this fruit and veg. They had some hake, a little squid, some udon noodles, their first fries & some salad including micro herbs! I will be looking out for some udon noddles to do at home 💖

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