It’s ok not to finish your plate


This can be hard to remember as a parent. Sometimes we are hungrier than other and this is the same for our children. Allowing, in fact encouraging them to stop eating when they are full is so important. 

Gone are the days of parents telling their children that they must clean their plate as there are children starving in Africa as we now know that it’s all too easy to conform to social convention and to learn to eat with your eyes until the plate is clear. 

This means that we loose touch with the body’s ever so clever internal ‘stop’ signals which can be an important contributor towards being overweight. 

Relearning this takes time and effort and a lot of conscious eating. 

So it’s best not to train it out of your children to start with. Not wanting all that you’ve prepared does not mean that you’ve failed as a parent because they didn’t like it or whatever pressure it’s all too easy to put on yourself. 

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