Easy beansy tea


Baked beans (low sugar & low salt)

1/2 slice of toast cut into soldiers

1/4 avocado cut into chunks

Followed by:

Strawberries cut into 6-8 depending on their size. Chunks that little fingers can pick up. 

Full fat Greek yoghurt (heaped tablespoon)


Place on a plate in an attractive pattern & that’s it! You can warm the beans or give cold. 

A quick tea tonight, but that doesn’t mean the nutritional value needs to be compromised. Beans (counts as a protein & a portion of veg) on toast (starchy carbs) with avocado chunks (veggie portion with healthy fats) followed by strawberries (fruit portion) & yoghurt (milk portion). 

The girls love feeding themselves some of their meal (they also like us to help as get frustrated when their not getting enough in – they take after me! We call this hanger / hangry time). We squished a bean on two onto the end of their toast soldier for most bites which helps the to beans make it to their mouths! This tea was a real hit with just 1/2 a soldier left each 😀

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