Does your little one get at least 3 hours per day of active play?

Move more, sit less, play together. This is the latest mantra for getting active in the early years. 

Bring active improves babies and children’s sleep (every parents dream!), builds relationships and social skills and develops muscles and bones. It also contributes to brain development and coordination. 

Current UK guidance is for at least 3 hours of active play per day for children under 5 years old. 

To encourage activity for young children you just need to give them a safe environment to explore and switch off any screens (TV & tablets etc). 

My two love to chase after a ball 😍 Here they are today after tea making their first ‘camp’ under the table together. 

It’s so great to see W&B crawling around together. They love to crawl shoulder to shoulder as if having a race! 

More ideas for helping your little ones to be active can be found on this factsheet:

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