Do you struggle to get your toddler to drink enough?

Have you tried drink with your toddler’s cup /beaker?
The guidance to introduce a cup at 6 months and to move away from the bottle at 12 months is pretty well known (it’s important to help with oromotor development). However this often means that parents struggle to get their children to drink enough. 
My girls love using a straw and this was a useful way of helping us to get off sippy cups (always use free flowing ones and avoid valves). 
I find the anti spill function of strawed water bottles and 360 lidded cups very useful when out and about. However before you rely too heavily on these have a go at drinking from them yourself. With many of these cups you have to work pretty hard to get any drink out. 
Every time I do this it reminds me of the importance of giving an open cup regularly to help boost fluid intakes. 
I often get asked how much fluid should my little one be drinking? Well rather than frantically trying to monitor how they’re having all of the time the easiest answer is that if they’re having regular wet nappies then they should be getting enough. There are certain medical conditions where you might be advised to keep a tighter eye on fluids but for most offering drinks regularly throughout the day will suffice. 
I often leave a drink accessible when we are playing at home and regularly prompt my girls to have a sip. 
Some people are good at remembering to drink but many need a prompt. 
Interestingly we often think that we are hungry when we’re actually thirsty so it might be that your child is asking for food when they’re actually hungry which can lead to extra energy being consumed than is needed which will be stored as fat by the body ‘for a time of need’. More about this another day!
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