Do you stop when you’re full?

Purple porridge 💖 yep we’re still eating porridge for breakfast! It’s B’s favourite meal of the day. She tends to do breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord & tea like a pauper. 
By offering nutritious options throughout the day I’m not worried when she leaves some. In fact I’m pleased that she knows when she’s full. Sometimes she stops because she’s thirsty and will carry on after a drink & sometimes there’s just too many distractions but that’s something we just roll with as I’m keen for her to enjoy social mealtimes in the long run. It all balances out over a couple of days. 
Recognising that it’s ok to go against social convention and to leave something on your plate when you’re full is something that we often need to relearn as adults. 
If you’re looking for a New Years resolution maybe you could try this..?! Small changes make a big difference. Over the next couple of weeks I’m aiming to share ideas. 
Do you have a resolution in the pipeline that you’d like to share? 
To make this purple porridge simply add in a handful of frozen berries when making your porridge or (as we did today), give the berries a quick zap in the microwave (ensure not too hot before serving) and add them afterwards. 
A dollop of natural or plain Greek yoghurt gives a calcium and protein boost, as well as an extra texture, or you can mix it in to cool the porridge if your little ones are too hungry to wait..!

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