Do you have a childhood food that you were put off because of the way is was cooked?


For me this was cockles. 
Now I’m not sure if this is just a local thing but on Good Friday we have a bylaw that means that you can go and collect cockles from the foreshore. This is our bounty. 
The hubby and I got a good workout taking for them and the girls loved being helpful and putting our findings into the bucket for us. They loved looking sat the shapes and colours as well as being involved!

As a child I wasn’t keen on cockles served in vinegar and gritty. 
These days I’m very keen to make the most of foraged foods and so for the last few years we’ve purged them with oats to help remove the grit and then cooked with wine etc like moules marinere but with spaghetti. 

This year though we wanted the girls to enjoy them too and so swapped away from alcohol to a Thai broth and noodles. This worked a treat and W are as many (if not more) cockles as both parents! B tasted a few but she always takes longer to enjoy new foods. So that’s a new love it food for W and a learning it moving towards liking it food for B. 
Can you have a go at trying a food that you’re less keen on (your own learning food) that you could try a different way? 
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