Carrot cake porridge

This is an overnight porridge. 
I took my inspiration from Instagram, but in my usual style of cooking I looked at what I have in the cupboard / drudge / freezer and what I fancied & came up with my own version 😋 I know you’re supposed to make something as per the recipe the first time but it’s just not my style. 

Ingredients for mine (for the 2 girls):

60g (25g) Porridge oats

120ml semi skimmed (50ml plus 25ml for the morning, full cream) milk

1 (1/2) carrot, grated

30g (10g)  sultanas

1/2 tsp (about 1/4 tsp) mixed spice

A dollop of Greek yoghurt


Mix together all (except the yoghurt) of the ingredients and pop in the fridge to soak overnight. 

It’s ready to eat straight out if the fridge in the morning. I dolloped on the yoghurt so that it’s like having the creamy topping on the carrot cake!

I made the same for me and the girls with the exception of semiskimmed milk for me and full cream for them (they had less though of course!). I ate mine cold (no cooking needed) but I wanted the girls to have theirs a little warmer and wanted the carrot to be slightly cooked so I added an extra 25ml milk and popped in the microwave for a minute (always ensure that you stir well and ensure cooled sufficiently after microwaving). 

It was sooooo yummy I’m definitely making again and it’ll be really useful for when I’m back at work as no cook in the morning. Next time I’ll use the fine grater for the girls though to make it a little easier for them to eat as it took a bit more chewing with the course grate. 

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