Blackcurrants, blueberries & red grapes

Today’s fruit mix stewed together and added to our morning porridge. 

Someone asked me how do I come up with the fruit combinations? Careful and imaginative planning you might think… Well very occasionally but usually just what’s in the fruit bowl, fridge and freezer! We prioritise the fruit that will go over the quickest and like to try new combinations 😍 I’d recommend this one. 

Have a look at your fruit – what combinations could you try that you’ve not had before? If you have more fruit than you think you can get through fresh stewing it will increase its life or pop it into the freezer for stewing or cooking with eg making into Oaty Biyes sat a later date. 

Having a portion of fruit in your cereal is a great start to achieving your 5 a day. It also gives interest for you and your baby. 

Try to have a cereal that is low in added sugar like porridge (normal or ground like Ready Brek) or wheat biscuits. 

Sorry that the photo isn’t great – it was so sunny that I struggled with the shadows of the early morning sun! 😍☀️

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