Balancing Breakfast

Another busy morning & trying to give the girls something I know they’ll eat with something new and of course balancing the nutrients. So today we’ve got half a wheat biscuit soaked in full cream milk & topped with 1&1/2 strawberries. Served with toast soldiers (1/2 slice of bread) topped with unsalted smooth peanut butter and accompanied by a small doidy cup of milk & their morning baby vitamins. 

Lots of variety in nutrients, texture and taste but not much hassle to prepare and a great fuel for swimming later. 

Here the starchy (slow release carbohydrate) comes from the toast & wheat biscuit. The protein is from the peanut butter (also a good healthy fat source) and the milk (also an excellent source of calcium). The strawberries provide an excellent source of Vitamin C and fibre. 

In actual fact all of these foods provide more vitamins, minerals and goodness than described but I’m not trying to write an essay on the nutrients! 

I like this breakfast idea as it has bits for my girls to do themselves and bits for me to help them with which helps me know that they’re getting a wider range of nutrients. 

I give the baby multivitamin as this is a UK recommendation for an baby that is breastfed &/ or gets less than 500ml formula per day. It seems for some reason that this message is not talked about much but I can not understand why as the recommendation is backed by lots of research, particularly for Vitamin D. More on this from me when I get a bit more time! 

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