Balancing breakfast post bonfire night

So it’s not a toffee apple but it is in season 😋 

As you might have guessed we love porridge! It’s sets us up well for the day and helps keep those hanger pangs at bay. 
Today’s is made with whole milk for the girls and semi skimmed for me (visually the same), and served with some Greek yoghurt, steamed apple, a small glass of milk and a multivitamin and mineral that includes Vitamin D and iron. Sometime I add a little mixed spice to the apple or porridge for a Tasty twist. 
I give the multivit that includes iron because it’s quite hard to meet your little ones iron requirements with the little portions that they eat unless they’re having a fortified cereal (which we don’t). Did you know that a toddlers iton requirements are almost as high as an adult man’s?! 
 Sitting together eating (what looks like) the same thing is a great way to encourage your little ones to eat a balanced diet and to try new things. 
I chopped up the apple, popped it into a cup with a little water, covered and microwaved for 2 minutes. Although the girls can now manage raw apple it’s less porridge bowl friendly and they need it is a large chunk or the whole apple to gradually naw away at! As I often leave the skin on now I watch carefully as this is a little more of a choking risk. 
The yoghurt gives a protein and calcium boost to the meal. I find that breakfast and bedtime are the best times for us to have milk as a drink so that I don’t need to worry about keeping it cool when out and about. 

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