A healthier twist on lasagne for the whole family.


A healthier twist on lasagne for the whole family.  Served with broccoli & greens.
I’ve used kidney beans in place of half the minced beef as this keeps the protein up, increases the fibre and makes it cheaper! My bolognaise is also full of tomatoes, onions and peppers to increase the veggie content in the dish.

I substituted the penultimate layer of lasagne for thinly sliced courgette & put a layer of cottage cheese on top of that before the final layer of pasta sheets topped with a little white sauce & grated cheese. All of the other layers are the bolognaise rather than more cheese sauce.

I made several and froze the rest so that I’ve got easy meals to pull on.

Top tip:
if you add a little mustard powder to your white sauce it tastes cheesier!

For the girls I chopped the greens up really small. They love to self feed the broccoli. Bella is going through a phase of being more reluctant with new or less regularly given tastes but she lives all fruit and veg so every mouthful this evening had to have some broccoli with it! 😍 

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