When the oven is on..!


Last weeks’s fish pie. Sorry, I know that makes it two ‘mash meals’ that I’ve shared this week 😂

Fish pie is almost a weekly occurrence in our house as it’s loved by all and a great way of getting those yummy and mega healthy omega 3 fats in. 

This one has some finely chopped leek on the side (but it could have easily gone in) and sweet corn in it, with sweet potato as part of the mash. I often use butter beans too. Adding veggies in makes them nice and soft and so suitable from a young age and it also adds loads of flavour so that you don’t miss adding salt. 

When cooking the lasagne I made up enough white sauce for this too. After taking a little out for the top of the lasagne I added a load of chopped fresh parsley and covered the fish mix (came pre chopped from the freezer section and I added in an extra couple of pollock fillets, then steamed it for a few minutes in the microwave). 

I was feeling mega productive and so popper a deep filled veggie quiche in the oven too so another meal sorted. Well when it’s on and all of that 😋

The fish pie then went in the fridge and was heated up the next day for a mega quickly ‘I know exactly what’s it in’ meal. 

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