Take a moment to catch leaves 


Catching leaves. Leaves are and endless supply of fun in our world. Whether it’s collecting different colours, dancing kicking them up, doing rubbings, making collages, crunching in them or looking for mini beasts, but my favourite has to be catching them. 
I was inspired by @Scottishdietitianlass who posted about it being the time of year to less things go like the trees do their leaves. We often focus on physical health but it’s really important to nurture your mental health too. Being outside is great and having fun always makes me feel good. 

I remember walking to lectures across the park and having a quick look to see if anyone is watching before having a go at catching some! Yesterday my luck was in and I caught quite a few. This is another reason I love having children as you can do all of the playing you like and pretend it’s just for them. I think I’ll be the embarrassing Mum who is still having silly fun when they’re ‘too grown up’! 

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