Sweet potato fish cakes with guacamole and minty yoghurt served with lots of tomatoes


A great Sunday evening tea. We had some left over multi-mash in the fridge to use up (this time it was 50:50 potatoes to sweet potatoes but it could have been a combo of any roots) so this was extra quick and easy. 

Method: quickly steamed a couple of fillets of basa (very good value white fish from the fish monger or the freezer section) or similar, chop up some fresh herbs (a big handful of chives and oregano as these were on hand but parsley or thyme would also work really well or use dried if you don’t have fresh just use less) and then stir it all together with the mash and an egg. 

The girls loved helping with the mixing. As everyone was getting a bit frantic I shaped them myself whilst they played outside but if life was a life calmer I think they’d have enjoyed shaping them (messy alert!). Pre cooking dip a spoonful into some seasoned flour (I used pepper and a little paprika) and shape into little patties. 

Spray some oil in a non stick frying pan and once hot enough add the patties to cook until golden brown on both sides. I sprayed each fish cake with a little oil before turning as this vastly reduced the amount of oil you need compared to pouring it in. 

We served with minty yoghurt dip (chopped fresh mint stirred into Greek yoghurt, guacamole (mashed avocado, chopped tomatoes and a dash of lime juice), sweet chilli sauce for the adults and lots of slices of fresh tomatoes 

If you got a wedge of fresh lime that would be delicious squeezed on top!
For those of you just setting out in the introducing foods journey these are a great easy to eat texture and very little hands friendly. Just ensure that you’ve already introduced fish, egg and milk separately first if there’s any family history of allergy or eczema. 

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