Sunset yellow cauli pasta


Sunset yellow cauliflower and mini shell pasta with leftover pea and broad bean humous (see previous post for recipe) mixed with a little sundried tomato pesto for lunch today.
The girls had the same but not mixed together so that easier as finger food. I stuffed about a third of their mini pasta shells with the humous mix. By stuffing rather than coating them it made it easier for the wee ones to pick up.

This is the first time that I’ve grown cauliflowers (and probably the last for a while!) that weren’t eaten right away by slug or birds. I’m not sure what’s happened but lots of them bolted before they were very big. This was one of the few that haven’t bolted! Any ideas on what has happened / what I need to do to prevent in the future let me know 😀

I simply boiled the pasta and cauli together and then added the humous & pesto mix.

The pea and broad bean humous provided the protein for this meal.
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