Summer berry Oaty bites for GBBO biscuit week

In the spirit of the #greatbritishbakeoff #biscuit week we’ve made a new flavour of our #babyfriendly oaty bites. 

What are your favourite biscuits? Can you make them baby (and therefore more waistline 😋) friendly? Let me know your ideas. As these are simply oats and fruit they are high in fibre and relatively low in sugar and fat but still make a great snack. My girls get excited when they see the little tub come out 😍

 This time I’ve made some with 100% ground oats and some with 50:50 normal rolled: ground oats to see which texture we all prefer. The verdict is that we love them all here! 

I used mixed summer berries (the cheapest fruit selection at the supermarket 😋) which has worked well. It’s about the same volume of these berries to banana. 

For a more detailed recipe see my earlier post, but roughly 1 cup oats to 1 cup of fruit. As before I went for the soft bake option of 10 minutes at 180’C fan as the girls can eat these themselves. 

We pop them in the freezer once they’ve cooled and take out in the morning for afternoon snack. 

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