Pork and bean wrap 


That’s a wrap 🎬a really yummy one in fact 😍 pulled pork, grated cheese, mixed salad leaves, chopped spring onions, natural yoghurt, a dash of homemade fruity tomato sauce, cooked down pinto beans (with a dash of cumin) and a few quartered cherry tomatoes. So many great combos possible, this was just what we had in the fridge / cupboard.

I really recommend doing the beans like this. They’re so easy simply put a can of pinto beans with its water and 1/2 can extra water and a teaspoon of cumin, bring up to the boil and then simmer until reduced (stir to endure it doesn’t stick.

Beans are a great source of fibre and protein and I love them because you can keep them in the cupboard and whip them out to bulk up a meal or you’re looking for something quick.

The pork was a delicious leftover but thus would have been great still without it if you’re after a veggie / cheaper version.

The girls had 1/4 wrap with some of the ingredients and the rest in the side.

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