Picnic lunch

Picnic lunch today after Bongo Babies at the @dracenacentre.
Finger friendly strips of Edam (pre sliced was cheaper would you believe?! And by cutting down the stack of cheese it quickly made lots of strips),

Quartered cherry tomatoes, 

Pin wheel wraps some filling with humous and some with cream cheese (I spread a thin layer of filling on a large wrap and roll up tightly. Then slice into little pin wheels. As you chop they tend to flatten into Barton shaped which are perfect for small hands to hold. Sometimes we use fish paste or peanut butter too. I wrap 8-10 in foil and pop into the freezer. Take a pack out first thing and they’ll be defrosted for lunch).

This was accompanied by some minty pea and broad bean humous (see previously blog for recipe). 

I had the same on a larger scale!

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